I submitted "GTP Racing" when they called for submissions. Grand Touring and Prototype Racing. Also harkens back to the GTP cars. I hope its not something like Camping World Truck Series - the most poorly named series in existence. » 3/01/13 10:42am 3/01/13 10:42am

To me, the most inspiring aspects of the voyager missions are the the pioneer plaque and the golden record. The thought process behind that represents our curious and hopeful nature as human beings. A message in a bottle tossed out across the galaxy. » 2/21/13 12:49pm 2/21/13 12:49pm

Hello. I, of course, remember you and your awesome dog. I felt bad that we were blocking you from charging. If I recall, we were a few minutes from unblocking bay 1 for you to use before you and your family departed. I understand why you left, and I even said at one point "this must be a huge pain in the ass or you". » 2/18/13 4:48pm 2/18/13 4:48pm

Tesla Road Trip - Debunking the New York Times

Late Friday night I came across a blog post saying that some Tesla Model S owners were going to attempt to recreate the now infamous DC to CT road trip in a convoy of Tesla Model S. By this point, CNN had already completed the same journey and done a lot of the debunking, but you could still hear the chorus of… » 2/18/13 8:03am 2/18/13 8:03am

Thanks for the plug! saw a little spike in traffic and came to see whats up. Funny I just redesigned the art page last night and I am working on cleaning up the others.. at least the art page looks nice right now. » 11/28/12 4:26pm 11/28/12 4:26pm